Financial Report 2020

Financial  Report        
Operating  Cash Account :     Restricted Cash Account:        
     Balance  7/31/20   8,497.85        Balance  7/31/20   1,498.66      
          Receipts    4,335.00             Receipts    6,584.54      
          Disbursements  (3,811.67)             Disbursements  (5,108.66)      
     Balance  8/31/20   9,021.18        Balance  8/31/20   2,974.54      
Restricted Cash Account Consists of:        
      Prison Ministry   136.01          
      R & M     2,793.49          
      Alter Floor     100.00          
      OCMC     0.00          
      Service Fee     (45.00)          
      Open Account   (10.00)          
           Balance  8/31/20   2,974.50          
  During these challenging times, our Church community has risen to the occasion.  Many       
costly, labor intensive  projects that needed to be addressed immediately, have been undertaken       
and completed by several parishioners. Currently, our financial situation is also stable due to the       
generosity of many parishioners. We have received, anonymously, several $500 donations, one       
$1000.00 donation  and one $5000.00 donation. We also received a PPP Loan from the Federal      
Government for $4000.00. This Loan is to be used  for our payroll and forgiven by the         
Government accordingly.                  
  Our Church is Truly  Blessed with  many beautiful, generous people. You know who you       
are- Thank you All!                    
      Any questions please don't hesitate to call.          
      Stay safe and healthy.             
      Marina Sheerin  8/31/20          

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